Ramayana Tour

Embark on a spiritual journey to retrace the footsteps of the mythical Ramayana epic in the enchanting land of Sri Lanka. Our Ramayana Tour Package will take you to significant sites believed to be associated with this ancient Indian epic, offering a unique blend of spirituality, history, and natural beauty. Follow in the footsteps of Lord Rama and immerse yourself in the legends and tales that have captivated hearts for centuries.

6 nights | 7 days
Day 01
Arrival / Negombo:
Welcome to Sri Lanka! Upon your arrival at the airport in Colombo, our friendly team will greet you and transfer you to your hotel in Negombo. Take some time to relax and prepare for the spiritual journey ahead.
Day 02
Negombo / Chillaw / Kandy (Munneshwaram / Mannawari Temple) / Short Kandy city tour:
Today, we'll depart from Negombo and make our way to Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. En route, we'll visit the sacred Munneswaram and Manavari Temples in Chilaw, which hold great significance in the Ramayana epic. In Kandy, immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance as you explore the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Take a short city tour to discover the historical and cultural gems of this picturesque city.
Day 03
Kandy / Nuwara Eliya (Sri Baktha Hanuman Kovil / Seetha Amman Kovil):
Continue your Ramayana journey as we travel to Nuwara Eliya, also known as "Little England." Visit the Sri Baktha Hanuman Kovil, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, and the Seetha Amman Kovil, believed to be the site where Sita, the consort of Lord Rama, was held captive. Marvel at the picturesque landscapes and serene beauty that surround these sacred sites.
Day 04
Nuwara Eliya / Bandarawela (Divurumpola / Gayathri Pedam):
Today, we'll make our way to Bandarawela, a charming hill country town. Visit Divurumpola, the legendary site where Sita underwent the "Agni Pariksha" (test by fire) to prove her purity. Explore Gayathri Peedam, a tranquil location shrouded in spirituality, where you can seek blessings and experience inner peace.
Day 05
Bandarawela / Ella / Katharagama (Ravana Falls / Ravana Caves)
As we continue our Ramayana tour, we'll visit Ella, a picturesque hill station. Marvel at the majestic Ravana Falls, believed to be the spot where Ravana, the mythical king, hid Sita. Explore the mysterious Ravana Caves, which are intricately connected to the Ramayana legend. We'll then proceed to Kataragama, a significant pilgrimage site, and visit the temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, associated with the Ramayana epic.
Day 06
Kataragama (visit temple) / Ussangoda / Rumasela in Galle / Seenigama Temple Hikkaduwa / Sri Anjaneyar Temple Colombo
Today, we'll visit the revered Kataragama Temple, a place of great spiritual importance. Experience the divine ambiance and witness the rituals performed by devotees. Continue our journey as we visit Ussangoda, a fascinating geological formation believed to be the landing site of King Ravana's aircraft. Explore Rumassala in Galle, where it is believed that Sita was held captive. Pay a visit to the Seenigama Temple in Hikkaduwa and the Sri Anjaneyar Temple in Colombo, further connecting you with the Ramayana heritage.
Day 07
Colombo / Departure:
As your Ramayana tour comes to an end, we'll transfer you to the airport in Colombo for your departure. Depart with a sense of spiritual fulfillment, enriched with the legends and tales of the Ramayana epic.